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Best Restaurants in South Florida

Want to treat yourself to the finest flavors around?

Then you better visit the best restaurants in South Florida. At Hollywood Florida Food Tours, we make it easy. We take you to the best places to eat in South Florida, leaving you full of great food and unforgettable memories.

Here are a few places your tour may take you.

A brilliant Irish pub, Mickey Byrne’s Irish Pub specializes in fantastic food and a unique sense of community. When not dishing up their famous Irish fare, they’re supporting community events that make South Florida the best place to live in the world.

Nestled in downtown Hollywood, The Greek Joint is easily the best Greek restaurant in South Florida. Every dish comes from homemade recipes and oozes with flavor. Coupled with secret marinades, a full bar, and outdoor fine dining options, The Greek Joint will tickle and treat your tastebuds.

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Featured on Shark Tank, the Bang Shack is known for their world-famous chicken dip. But Bang’s offerings don’t stop there. They offer banging breakfast bowls, burritos, quesadillas, and more. As one of South Florida’s best restaurants, the Shack belongs on every foodie’s to-eat list.

With two world-renowned, award-winning chefs at the helm, Gioia Eat is one the best eateries in South Florida. Whether you prefer traditional dishes or something that’s gluten- or dairy-free, keto, or vegetarian, Gioia Eat has you covered. Combined with a cozy, intimate setting, Gioia Eat is a one-of-a-kind establishment you’ll want to visit time and again.

Guy Fieri highlighted Krakatoa Cuisine. Local Miami news channels can’t get enough of it. And Yelp named it one of Florida’s top 100 restaurants. Offering Indonesian flavors and fresh, raw seasonings, Krakatoa Cuisine introduce many to their new favorite flavors.

A bona fide gastropub, The Tipsy Boar takes their food as seriously as they take their alcohol. They offer an impressive selection of craft beers on tap, along with wine and cocktails. Complement your drink with oysters, pizza, and more. As you do, you’ll see why The Tipsy Boar is one of South Florida’s best restaurants.

Got a sweet tooth or two? Maybe a whole mouth of them? Feed them all at Zalie Cakes, one of the best dessert stops in South Florida. This artisan bakery and market makes every day sweeter. Whether you’re in the mood for cake, ice cream, brownies, brookies, cookies, or something else, Zalie Cakes has you covered.

This family-run restaurant cooks great food with unforgettable flavors. From Korean BBQ to salmon bowls and beyond, Drastix specializes in skewers, bowls, appetizers, and desserts. They also care about your visual experience. Every table is custom painted by a local artist. And the walls feature new local art every month. So, if you love great food and art in a fun, funky environment, you’ll agree that Drastix is one of the best restaurants in South Florida.

Don’t let the funny name fool you. Bok Bok Baby is one of South Florida’s best restaurants. This Asian fusion spot cooks up mouth-watering cuisine. Enjoy their delectable kimchee, garlic rice, and Korean fried chicken lollipops. Never had a chicken lollipop? Bok Bok Baby has the only ones you’ll ever want.

14 North isn’t just a bar. It’s a place to decompress and forget about your worries. Walk through the doors, and the weight off the world falls from your shoulders. Stress melts away, and you’re left with a calm contentment. All thanks to the tropical experience provided at one of the best restaurants in South Florida, 14 North.

Sometimes, you want a restaurant with a view. At Shipyard Garden, the restaurant is the view. A botanical garden-inspired venue space, Shipyard Garden hosts events ranging from holiday parties to corporate events. With tantalizing cuisine and cocktails and room for entertainment and networking, it’s one of South Florida’s hottest meeting spots.

Hungry for the best seafood restaurant in South Florida? Leave the chain restaurants to the other tourists and get to Ocean One Bar and Grill. There, they spotlight the seafood dishes you didn’t know you should dream about. Also featuring amazing drink specials, Ocean One is the place to go for your seafood fix.

When tacos and margaritas are calling, the locals know where to go. They hit up the best Mexican restaurant in South Florida—CT Cantina and Taqueria. A modern Mexican cantina, CT Cantina and Taqueria serves your favorite flavors from south of the border. Grab some street tacos, tamales, or fundido burritos, and enjoy!

Offering a fine dining experience, this tasty bar/restaurant is attached to the Tommy Bahama Boutique. The environment is as fresh and inviting as the food and drink offerings. Take a seat and soak up the island vibe that lasts well after your last bite.

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